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Rent a Tech Company Founder through Exec for Donors Choose

By , CEO

Ever want to get some time with the founders of some of the fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley? At Exec, we’re constantly working to make the entire world work for our customers, so we’re especially excited to announce a one-day-only Exec special: this Saturday you’ll be able to book time with some of the founders of Parse, Reddit, Hipmunk, Sincerely or Exec.

The founders will be available to give you a call or Skype to give you advice for your business, serve as a sounding board for your startup idea, or just to chat. We hope to provide you with a simple, valuable opportunity to get access to successful entrepreneurs that you might not have an easy way to get in touch with.

In order to get time with a founder, all you have to do is enter a short description at or on our iPhone app of what you’d like to discuss and your phone number, and one of the founders will get in touch. Please include the hashtag #execfounders in your job description. If you’d like to chat with someone specific, please include that in your job description as well, and we’ll try to accommodate you (no promises though). You can either choose to schedule your job in advance for this Saturday, or just enter it in real time the day of (founders will be available between 11am - 5pm PST). You don’t have to be in SF to request a job: just make sure on the web that your location is set to SF or you skip location. If you haven’t yet created an account, do so here.

The special rate for this promotion will be $100 / hour (minimum half hour), and all proceeds will go to benefit classrooms on our favorite charity,

You can get started now.

Here’s who we have on deck this Saturday:


Alexis Ohanian

Founder, Reddit, BreadPig

Alexis proudly doodles all of his own mascots (reddit alien, breadpig, and hipmunk chipmunk) and is ambassador to the east for Y Combinator. Talk to him if you’re interested in any of his startups, Y Combinator, building brands & communities online, or combatting terrible legislation in Washington (e.g., SOPA/PIPA).


Steve Huffman

Founder, Reddit, Hipmunk

Steve is the founder of popular internet site Reddit and more recently the latest travel search engine Hipmunk. Talk to Steve if you need help with web applications.


Matt Brezina

Founder, Xobni, Sincerely

Talk to Matt if you want advice on customer development, finding product/market fit and scaling user acquisition - specifically in the consumer product market.  Also interested in advising on how to build the machine (your company, team, & process) that achieves these goals.


Tikhon Bernstam

Founder: Parse, Scribd

Tikhon has been through Y Combinator two times (as a founder of Scribd and Parse). Talk to Tikhon if you are interested in Y Combinator, Parse, Scribd, or advice on building out your product, team, and company.


Justin Kan

Founder,, Exec

Talk to Justin for advice on starting companies, recruiting talent, and management. He also has domain expertise in online video and advertising.

Posted April 03, 2012

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